How Eyelash Extensions are AppliedEyelash extensions come in three variations: synthetic extensions, natural silk extensions, and mink extensions. Mink lashes are the most expensive, as they are lighter than other extensions. The length of lashes starts with a minimum of 6mm.

The length and thickness of the lash extensions are dependent on your personal preferences and also on the condition of your natural eyelashes. If the natural lashes are short and thin, it can be more difficult to get a very dramatic look.

First you will discuss any skin sensitivity issues or allergies you might have.  Then you’ll select the type of eyelashes you prefer After you’ve selected your eyelashes, they are applied onto the natural eyelashes with a specially formulated glue. The process can take up to two hours for both the eyes. Once the eyelash extensions are in place, they can be maintained for up to a year, with a touch-up every few weeks. Keep in mind, each extension will fall out as your natural eyelash grows. The lifetime of each extension is only as long as the life-cycle of each natural eyelash.

Alona will provide you with after care instructions, which are pretty important. The after care varies according to the type of glue used. Special glue is used for customers with skin and eye sensitivities. The first and foremost thing is not to get your eyelashes wet for one or two days after they are applied. This will need to be followed for touch-up sessions as well. Water dulls the adhesive nature of the glue and results in the extensions breaking off prematurely.

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